C.S.A., Cryogenic & Jacketed

C.S.A. Hoses

  • C.S.A. certification can be applied to a variety of hose types offered by Northflex and is usually required in an installation involving combustion of natural gas, propane or other fuel types.
  • All C.S.A hoses manufactured by Northflex are hydrostatically tested to the required levels mandated by C.S.A., and are guaranteed to meet or exceed their technical requirements.

Cryogenic Hoses

  • Cryogenic hoses are used for the transfer of high pressure, compressed gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen at temperatures as low as -350 F.
  • They are manufactured and tested according to the pressures and temperatures they must endure, typically elevated pressures and severe temperature ranges that necessitate a metal hose assembly.

Jacketed Hoses

  • Northflex specializes in the design and manufacture of complex assemblies such as jacketed hoses.
  • A jacketed hose is a hose within a hose, and are unique to a specific application.
  • They enable the transfer of a fluid that must retain a certain and often narrow temperature tolerance in order for it to flow.