Fluoropolymer, Coolflex, Insulflex Hose

Fluoropolymer Hoses:

  • Fluoropolymer hoses are braided hose assemblies that have a plastic inner core with one layer of stainless steel or synthetic braid.
  • Fluoropolymer hoses are chemically inert, have a zero percent corrosion rate and are used in sanitary applications that require sustained chemical resistance.
  • Fluoropolymer hose is available as smoothbore or convoluted, at any length, and in I.D. sizes of ¼" to 4".

Coolflex Hoses:

  • Coolflex hoses are used to deliver coolant to a required area.
  • Coolflex hoses are flexible steel assemblies with brass ends that will hold a static position to deliver coolant to where it is needed.
  • Coolflex hose is available at any length, and in I.D. sizes ¼" to 1".

Insulflex Hoses:

  • Insulflex is a braided fiberglass insulating sleeve that serves to protect hoses from the extreme heat of their working environments, or prevent heat loss from the media being transferred through the hose.
  • Insulflex is capable of protecting against or insulating continuous temperatures of 260 C (500 F), up to 1090 C (2000 F) for 15-20 minutes, and up to 1650 C (3000 F) for 15-30 seconds.
  • Insulflex is resistant to direct flame exposure, can be applied over any type of hose, is available at any length, and in I.D. sizes 1/2" to 4".