Hose Repair And Cleaning

  • Northflex offers full repairs and cleaning on any product that we have supplied.
  • The most common failure or leak to occur in a metal hose assembly is right beneath the welds on either end of the hose.
  • A hose can often be repaired multiple times before it is either too short for the application or otherwise deemed not fit for service.
  • Northflex can repair a competitor's hose. The repair or cleaning of a competitor's hose will be considered individually, and may or may not be approved, depending on the circumstances and hose in question.

  • The process of cleaning a hose or other item for service is essential in a variety of industries and is available regardless of the size, type, quantity or supplier of the product.
  • Northflex has specialized cleaning and drying equipment to enable this process to be completed as quickly as possible, reducing the time the hoses or products spend out of service.
  • Any product that serves in the transfer of oxygen or hydrogen is almost always required to be cleaned for service.