Pressure Testing And Re-Certification

  • Some hose assemblies require re-certification at predetermined intervals to assess whether they can still safely perform their function.
  • This process is completed by either a standard pressure test or a hydrostatic pressure test.
  • A standard pressure test consists of sealing the hose assembly at both ends, pressurizing the inside of the hose with compressed air, and submerging the assembly in a tank of water to expose any leaks.

  • If an assembly requires a high-pressure test, (150 psi or higher), a hydrostatic pressure test is used for both safety and reliability reasons.
  • In this process, water is pressurized inside the hose and this exposes any leaks in the assembly.
  • Once an assembly has passed a pressure test, (and has been cleaned and dried if necessary), it may be re-certified for service according to the customer's specifications.
  • Northflex offers this service on any assemblies we have supplied and will consider re-testing other hoses depending on the circumstances and the hose in question.