Re-Build Bellows / Expansion Joints

  • Expansion joints are intentionally replaceable items as they serve to absorb the vibrations and stresses of solid pipe and ducting systems. Even a properly selected and installed expansion joint will eventually fail, but this does not necessitate the replacement of the entire joint.
  • Northflex specializes in separating the corrugated bellows and salvaging the original flanges, often providing the customer with significant savings. Specialized equipment on site enables this process to be completed as fast if not faster than the manufacture of an entirely new expansion joint, minimizing down time and any resulting production losses.

  • Northflex offers full repairs and cleaning on any product that we have supplied. The most common failure or leak to occur in a metal hose assembly is right beneath the welds on either end of the hose.
  • A hose can often be repaired multiple times before it is either too short for the application or otherwise deemed not fit for service. Northflex can repair a competitor's hose.
  • The repair or cleaning of a competitor's hose will be considered individually, and may or may not be approved, depending on the circumstances and hose in question.